Grooming, Appearance And Bathing Care

         Eskies shed. A carpet brush, clothing brush and Eskie brush are your new best friends. As an Eskie owner – you can expect your Eskie’s hair all over the house. It’s a fact of life.

         So in this section, we’re going to go over the specific grooming needs of the Eskie and how to make it look nice and pretty. Who doesn’t find a neatly groomed, white prince/princess with pearl teeth adorable?

Coat Care

         Lucky their coat aren't too difficult to care for. A good brushing once a week will leave your Eskie looking beautiful and will eradicate unsightly and troublesome mats of hair.Males and spayed females shed once a year while unspayed females shed twice a year following their “in heat” cycle.  The unspayed female sheds “twice” a year because of the hormonal changes associated with her cycles.  It is at this time that owners should spend extra time brushing the Eskie coat as it will help to remove all the loose and lingering hair and will facilitate the growth of new hair.

         Eskies are, in fact, considered “self-cleaning.”  This translates to mean that an Eskie which plays and romps in dirt or mud will find that once its coat dries, the dirt and clumps of mud will simply fall from the Eskie’s coat, leaving it “Dog Beautiful” once again.

         Personally, I brush my Eskie every day. Santana seems to enjoy it.

How to care for everything else

  • Ears – When you brush your Eskie, it is a good idea to get into the habit of checking and cleaning his or her ears.  Thankfully, because the Eskie’s ears are upright, they seldom have ear problems.  You can clean an Eskie’s ears by moistening a cotton ball with a little mineral oil.  Never try to clean deeper than you can see.
  • Paw Pads – You should check your Eskie’s paw pads on a regular basis and especially after a hike or long walk.  You should check in between the toes/pads for any small rocks, grass, mud, snow, etc., which might cause irritation.
  • Teeth – Be sure to check your Eskie’s teeth often.  You should be on the lookout for buildup of tartar.  Additionally, you should have your veterinarian check your Eskie’s teeth at least once a year.
  • Toenails – You will need to check your Eskie’s toenails monthly to see if they need to be clipped.  This is important.  If you allow your Eskie’s toenails to remain long, his or her feet will splay.
  • That stuff that forms under the eyes – There’s 2 ways to solve this. The first one is go to a veterinarian and let them figure out the cause and a treatment. The second way is to moisten a cotton ball with warm water and clean that area daily. Blot up the tears. Don’t rub them away.Once it’s clean, you can prevent most future problems by applying Vaseline to the area under the eyes. The tears will simply roll off and not stick. Doesn’t always work though.


         Eskies have drier skin than most other dogs. Its recommended you bathe them once every 2-3 months. Unless they really get dirty. Personally, I bathe them once every 6 weeks, or when they start smelling like dogs.

         A standard dog shampoo will be good enough to keep them nice and clean. As far as that wild running around after they take a bath….well, I have no idea why they do that. I have no idea why they get crazy. I do know, that its fun to watch. Like so!

         Hats off to Hana!

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