Some Ways To Deal With Hip Dysplasia

What Is Hip Dyplasia?

         The short of it is that it’s a disorder that messes up how the ball of the thigh bone goes into the socket of the pelvic bone. Whenever a dog with this condition runs, the ball moves in and out of the socket. It grinds down the socket rim. End result – is pain. Lots of pain for the Eskie. And it can only get worse over time.

         Hip dysplasia is somewhat common to Eskies.  It may be diagnosed early on in the Eskie’s life but may not exhibit any outward physical signs until much later.  In addition, cold weather seems to adversely affect Eskies with hip dysplasia.

How To Deal With Hip Dysplasia

         Once you go to your veterinarian, they’re probably going to suggest joint supplements to help with this condition. I believe one of the more popular ones is something called Cosequin.

         Additionally, there are water therapy specialists who work with dogs with this type of condition.  Water therapy is much easier on the dog’s joints and muscles than hiking or walking.

         If however, it comes to the point where water therapy, and supplements no longer work, then it may come down to surgery. Only your vet will know for sure. 

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One Response to Some Ways To Deal With Hip Dysplasia

  1. G. Force Chamberlain says:

    This is one of the best "packaged" pieces of info on American Eskies I have read. I have American Eskimos for Dummies, which is good as well. My Eskie is 16, with his sight about gone and his hips so bad, his tail will not stand up anymore. I am putting him on a "greens smoothie" mixed with his dry food to get some natural anti-inflamatories in him along with vits and minerals. I do a little bit of garlic to help with fleas and immune system, plus a hard boiled egg. This will keep him going until he moves on. Thanks for your insight. 

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